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Who are we?

About Acoustic Freezing


Frank Lettink has been active in the food industry for more than 25 years.

As a food technologist, he is familiar with all processes that are used to produce food products on an industrial scale. Over the past 20 years, he has mainly further optimized the cooling and freezing processes for his customers. Partly due to the use of AEF in new and existing freezer systems, these processes can be further optimized.

Frank and his team will provide technical and technological support to implement AEF in your freezing process.


Mark Bogte has extensive experience in various aspects of running a business. He is an internationally oriented, creative, passionate and a seasoned food expert. He has 20 years of experience in purchasing and selling food specialties for foodservice, retail and delis and retail. He has a strong background in marketing, sales and innovation and likes to work with high quality products such as caviar, truffles and salmon.

Our Vision


It is a great challenge and we are proud to be part of this new technology. We expect that 5-7% of the market will ultimately choose this method of freezing.

AEF is the first company in the world to focus on freezing food, instead of just producing cold. There is a big difference in how we approach it, think of the cooking process. Depending on the product, you choose the right technique. Until now, however, there has been only one method for freezing: "close the door of a freezer". Acoustic freezing allows use of different algorithms for different types of food.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the AEF technology offers entrepreneurs opportunities to be innovative, develop new products and discover new markets. If you don't want to compromise on the quality of your product after freezing, AEF is definitely the solution!

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