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Acoustic freezing

New freezing technology

Improve your freezing process

Acoustic Extra Freezing (AEF) is the first technology to focus on freezing food products instead of producing cold.

This innovative freezing technique is based on producing acoustic waves that prevent the growth of ice crystals. Frozen food tastes like fresh. Something that was previously considered impossible.


What could AEF offer you?

Quality improvement

The AEF equipment generates acoustic waves that prevent the formation of ice crystals. This is one of the most significant differences from the conventional freezing process, and ensures that the structure, taste, texture, color and nutritional values ​​of the product are preserved.

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Longer shelf life

AEF frozen products have up to twice as long shelf life as compared to products frozen in the conventional way. This means that seasonal products are available fresh for a longer period of the year .

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Minimizing waste

Because products have a longer shelf life and because the quality of the frozen products is preserved, you will have more control over your “waste share”. Not only does this mean a huge cost advantage, but you also contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

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What is AEF?

Acoustic Extra Freezing (AEF) is a revolutionary technology for the food industry that can improve the conventional freezing process. In the acoustic freezing process, the structure of the nutritional cells is preserved, which ensures that the taste, texture, color and nutrients of the products are not lost.

The quality of the AEF products has been guaranteed by several studies conducted by scientific institutes.


What is the difference?

The acoustic freezing process runs in parallel, while the conventional shock freezing process runs sequentially. Because the process runs in parallel, an ice crystal the size of the entire cell forms, which ensures that the structure of the cell remains intact. This is the reason for the many benefits that AEF technology offers.


Advantages of AEF?


Fish and seafood

AEF achieves very good results in fish and seafood. The flavors are well preserved, you will experience it as a fresh fish taste. In addition, minimal moisture loss will occur. With AEF freezing, the fish will not glaze.


In the conventional freezing process a large part of the cells of the fish eggs are lost. However, due to the gentle acoustic freezing process, the grains of the fish eggs remain intact after they have thawed. The fish roe tastes like fresh when using the acoustic freezing process.

Meat products

For meat products, the flavor is retained and even tastes like fresh! There is no weight loss. In addition, seasonal poultry can be better preserved, and surplus meat can be frozen in times of fluctuating price and / or demand.



The AEF technology means that seasonal berries are available all year round. In addition, the delivery of berries will be possible in the high season at minimal costs. Finally, the use of berries for cake decoration will be possible all year round.

Fruits and vegetables

Due to the AEF technology, seasonal fruits and vegetables are available all year round. In addition, it is possible to cook the vegetables without defrosting them first (zucchini, potato). Good results can be obtained when freezing mushrooms. This also applies to cut micro vegetables.


Who are we?

Andre Lesmeister.png

André Lesmeister

More than 25 years ago, André started exporting European foodstuffs to the Middle East. High quality products for restaurants and 5-star hotels in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Today his company still exports the same quality to more than 25 countries. Squiby Foods BV is now a smoothly running family business in which his 4 sons, all play a role. Quality and service are central to the entire business model of Squiby Foods BV. AEF fits exactly with this idea. Increasing the quality in the freezer channel.


Frank Lettink

Frank Lettink has been active in the food industry for more than 25 years.

As a food technologist, he is familiar with all processes that are used to produce food products on an industrial scale. Over the past 20 years, he has mainly further optimized the cooling and freezing processes for his customers. Partly due to the use of AEF in new and existing freezer systems, these processes can be further optimized.

Frank and his team will provide technical and technological support to implement AEF in your freezing process.

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Mark Bogte

Mark has extensive experience in various aspects of running a business. He is an internationally oriented, creative, passionate and a seasoned food expert. He has 20 years of experience in purchasing and selling food specialties for foodservice, retail and delis and retail. He has a strong background in marketing, sales and innovation and likes to work with high quality products such as caviar, truffles and salmon.

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Our vision for AcF

It is a great challenge and we are proud to be part of this new technology. We expect that 5-7% of the market will ultimately choose this method of freezing.

AEF is the first company in the world to focus on freezing food, instead of just producing cold. There is a big difference in how we approach it, think of the cooking process. Depending on the product, you choose the right technique. Until now, however, there has been only one method for freezing: "close the door of a freezer". Acoustic freezing allows use of different algorithms for different types of food.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the AEF technology offers entrepreneurs opportunities to be innovative, develop new products and discover new markets. If you don't want to compromise on the quality of your product after freezing, AEF is definitely the solution!

AEF equipment


AEF equipment can be installed in existing freezer units without having to change production schedule. The installations are determined by the type of freezer unit:





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